Air-conditioning system

All HVAC solutions! System that can realize energy saving by applying to large space such as large buildings and industrial facilities.

EHP, GHP 등 시스템에어컨 제품

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Coolers / central air conditioners such as air conditioners

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Automatic control solution such as BMS, BEMS, IBS

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Solar, LED, ESS, etc.

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The conversion from the freezer to the system consists of different total solutions.

LG’s comprehensive air-conditioning system provides optimal air-conditioning and ventilation solutions ranging from residential facilities such as houses and apartments to large commercial facilities such as buildings, shopping malls, airports, factories, and industrial / infrastructure facilities. We are also introducing innovative products based on world-class refrigeration and air conditioning technology. We also offer a wide range of applications for industrial facilities, district heating and cooling. It is a brand with comprehensive air-conditioning function that covers various buildings from small houses to high-rise buildings and industrial facilities.


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Video wall
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Media player
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  • Laptop

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  • Desktop

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Home Appliances

LG premium electric products! Space efficiency and design will entertain your lifestyle.
We will go ahead with our technology and introduce style built-in home appliances from perfect living appliances.

Energy Solutions

From individual facility control to building integrated control and energy management Provided by Integrated management solution

Maintenance management – TMS

Cloud-based central control platform. Heating and air conditioning equipment management / energy saving, lighting and other convenience
Two-year basic free service.