Medium and Large Building Systems : MULTI V

Temperature and humidity to air cooling, as well as air conditioning, multi-V SUPER 5

Multi V SUPER 5

Multi-V Outdoor S Commercial

Multi-V outdoor GEO (geothermal)

Multi V outdoor unit WATER (water heat source)

Multi V outdoor unit GHP SUPER II (Gas type)

Small and Medium-sized Building System : Indoor Unit

Single type system for small / medium commercial / office space

SINGLE console type

SINGLE commercial ceiling type

SINGLE Commercial stand

Artificial Intelligence 2.0 Ceiling Cassette 4WAY

Ceiling Cassette 4WAY

Ceiling Cassette 2WAY

Ceiling Cassette 1WAY

Ceiling embedded duct type

Residential system : multi-zone

Multi-type system optimized for homes, apartments, and high-end residential spaces

Multi V S Housing


All in one

Central air conditioning system : AHU Solution

medium. System that can realize energy saving by applying to large space such as large buildings and industrial facilities

Heat source equipment (cooling system) Turbo cooling system

Heat source equipment (chiller) Heat pump

Heat source equipment (chiller) Absorption chiller / freezer

Heat source equipment (chiller) screw freezer

Heat source equipment (chiller) Inverter scroll chiller

Air conditioning equipment air conditioner (cold water type / refrigerant type)

Air conditioning equipment FCU (Fan coil unit)

Floor heating / hot water system : Hydro Kit

Floor heating and hot water supply for small and medium buildings
System boiler with lower operating cost

System boiler

Ventilation system : ERV

Easy to install, ventilation system that makes indoor air pleasant

Ceiling embedded ventilation

Control Solutions(EMS)

LG System Control solution for all air conditioners, providing various control solutions tailored to facilities, energy and environment of buildings

refrigerance monitoring solution(HVAC)

Building Solutions(BMS)

Energy Solutions