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Hello! It is JUWON CNI Co., Ltd.

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Over the past 10 years, we have grown into a professional air-conditioning equipment company in air-conditioning and heating facilities of government offices, education offices, medical facilities, shopping malls, and neighborhood living facilities. Since 2014, LG Electronics has become the most popular system air conditioner store in Korea, winning the Excellence Prize and the Grand Prize in various fields.


Now we are going to grow into a comprehensive refrigeration and air-conditioning energy company based on comprehensive technology and energy saving consulting.

In the future, we promise to offer more solutions to our customers through renewable energy convergence system consulting such as Energy Management System (EMS: Energy Management System-LG BECON) and Solar Energy Saving System (ESS: Energy Storage System). We will expand our business scope more extensively.


JUWON CNI Co., Ltd. will continue to do its best and continue to grow. Thank you for your encouragement and guidance.

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CEO Sohn Jeongjin

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We will provide energy saving consulting based on the HVAC system.

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Residential facilities, commercial facilities, public / educational facilities, medical facilities, religious facilities,
You can see on-going sites such as energy saving facilities.

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From residential to medium-sized building systems,
Show complete control solution.